Gym Sports Face Masks

Sport face masks are great for gym workouts, outdoor running, cycling, and altitude training. These masks help you to breathe more efficiently by cutting down the amount of air you take in while exercising, and in turn, increases your red blood cells while giving you a performance boost. Wearing a neoprene mask to exercise stimulates the lungs and heart to work harder while training or exercising  

All Clear Collectives masks are made from breathable materials, so you’ll never feel suffocated even if the fabric is over your nose and mouth. Some of our collections have tiny perforations in the front for even more breath ability and include valves . Clear Collective Sport Face Masks are made comfortable and secure to limit the need to readjust while exercising.

The ideal mask for exercising is a lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable mask that won't cause restrictive breathing. When looking for a mask for your gym workout, outdoor exercises, or training, ensure to look for masks made of breathable materials for exercise and sports. Clear collective sport face mask collections hold breathable masks that are comfortable for exercise and sports. 

Clear Collective uses a Neoprene material which is perfect for exercise or activity such as running, cycling, or any outdoor exercise. Neoprene is made from lightweight, moisture-wicking material that wicks away sweat, to keep your face dry and comfortable. Clear Collective Sport Face masks also have a bit of stretch in them to ensure that your mask stays flexible and stays put, moving with you on your run rather than sliding off. They are also very comfortable on the skin.

Neoprene masks by Clear Collective are washable and have a tight fit in sleek beautiful designs. If you exercise or visit the gym every day, you need a sport face mask from Clear Collective.  

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