Disposable Face Masks

Clear Collective have a range of disposable face masks with high filter material with exhalation valves to help exhaust air/condensation and increase comfort.

Disposable face masks are useful for those who are time poor. Disposable masks are especially great for essential workers, who may not have so much time to dedicate to washing a reusable mask.

Our disposable masks come with adjustable aluminium nose clips and inside foam nose pads for additional comfort. This goes over the top of the ridge of your nose and adjusted accordingly. These masks also come with latex free elastic ear loops which are placed over your ears. The ear loops are not adjustable like the draw stings on reusable masks, however you can knot the ear straps to tighten them for a snugger fit. Ensure that your nose and mouth are properly covered. Your disposable mask will last 7 uses at 8 hours per use.

Glass wearers often have issues with their glasses fogging from condensation. Therefore, to ensure that the mask moulds to your nose Clear Collective Disposable Masks have the adjustable nose clips to form a close seal around the nose area. These masks are much more effective as moisture is prevented from escaping out of the top of the mask, and instead released through the valves in the side of the mask.

Additionally, Glass wearers may also wash their glass lenses with soapy water and air dry to prevent the lenses from fogging up.

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