Kids Face Masks

Our kids face masks are anti-odour, washable, breathable, comfortable and skin friendly. A perfect entry level face mask for the little ones. We have a variety to choose from including fun prints with cute animal valves, as well as vibrant colours such as pink, blue & yellow. Something that kids will enjoy wearing the whole day.

Wearing a mask can be used in a number of scenarios such as pollution, dust and other hazardous environments.

Our children’s face masks are designed and recommended for children from 3 to 14 years of age.  This is due to Kids under 3 years may find it highly uncomfortable for breathing. But, for kids well over 3 years, they should be able to wear the mask, but consult with a medical practitioner for the best scenario for your child's ability to wear a mask.  Kids over 3 are more active and all over the place, so teaching them to wear a mask will reduce the rate at which they touch their bare face with unclean hands.

Understandably, some kids may not want to wear a mask. The concept of hiding part of the face could be frightening or scary to them, therefore our children’s face masks are fun and colourful.  Parents can also help kids learn and understand why masks are important at this time. As a parent, wear a mask yourself (See Adult Masks), tell them creative stories about how they are saving the world by wearing a mask.

Clear Collective offers a creative collection of comfortable and kid-friendly reusable masks: 14.5cm x 9.5cm with the ability to tighten on the face using adjustable ear straps and adjustable nose bridge.

We sell the kind of masks that kids love to wear...

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