Adult Face Masks

Face masks have become a staple fashion accessory right now, so it’s only cool that you have stylish & fashionable ones that can save your drip all season long. Our fabric masks are available in a range of styles, such as black and print that can keep you stylish and protected at the same time. Clear Collective Adult Face masks are reusable, washable, and disposable for people who may not have time to wash the masks. They come with valves to limit condensation around the face, especially for glass wearers. There are those with valves and those with no valves. You have options to choose from depending on your taste.

Our Adult Reusable Face Masks come in size 22cm x 14cm. We also have the kid's mask collection that are suitable for adults with petite faces. Clear Collective masks are reinforced with tie-in straps or adjusters to tighten and keep the masks secure on the face. We are big on comfort, so the nose bridge can be adjusted for additional comfort.

Our fabric mask covers the nose, mouth, and chin as should be of a protective mask. Your mask should fit snugly but comfortably against your face. It must be breathable, washable, and dried without damage. It is recommended that you wear a mask if you must go out in public and can’t maintain a safe distance. Wearing a mask can prevent you from touching your bare face with your hands. 

Using a reusable face covering has several advantages. The mask can be easily washed and used again, helping you save money, especially if you need to regularly wear one. They are more sustainable and better for the environment. There is no additional benefit in choosing a disposable mask over a washable and clean reusable one, so it is best to use a reusable mask if you can. Find the best fabric mask in our collection of adult face masks.


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