Face mask filters are designed with layers to trap and prevent gases, vapors, and particles from fumes and diesel exhaust from getting into your nose, as well as prevent respiratory droplets from a cough or sneeze from escaping into the air. They fit into fabric or disposable face masks to absorb dangerous particles. 

Filters are needed for all face mask types, including adult maskschildren masks, as well as sport masks. Clear collective Face Mask Filters can fit into your fabric mask to prevent infiltration of fumes and droplets. 

Filters are disposable and cannot be cleaned or washed. They should be replaced after one week of use. You need to replace the filters in your reusable mask because the more you use your filter, the less effective it becomes. Filters become weak upon frequent use, so you need to replace to ensure that you stay on top of your safety game. You should never run out of filters as they make your mask more effective.

Wearing any kind of mask over your face doesn’t make it effective. Face masks are only effective when they serve as a barrier for particles going out or coming in. To make a mask effective and to give yourself and those around you extra protection, you need a filter. Clear Collective has a collection of disposable Face Mask Filters that can make your mask more effective. 

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