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Why We Started Clear Collective

Polluted air and odor are hazardous to health. For that reason, everyone deserves to stay safe and protected from dust, odor, and polluted air. The high levels of daily pollution inspired us to design face masks that are anti-odor and can filter dust, fumes, and other particles from coming close to the respiratory tract.


In September 2019, fires heavily impacted various regions of the state of New South Wales, including the North Coast, Mid North Coast, the Hunter Region, the Hawkesbury and the Wollondilly in Sydney's far west, the Blue Mountains, Illawarra, and the South Coast, Riverina and Snowy Mountains with more than 100 fires burned across the state. This incident destroyed the air quality in the environment.


The pollution level was so high in Sydney that kids could no longer play outside and if anyone went outside, they would have to walk through hazardous pollution. It was then we realized how important masks are to the health and safety of everyone, from young kids to teens, and adults. No one deserves to breathe in unhealthy air when the pollution level around town is high.


Clear Collective prioritises comfort, therefore, our face masks are designed to be comfortable and breathable with skin-friendly materials. Our face mask collection holds both no Valve and valve face masks. They are designed for easy use by everyone; men, women, and kids. They are available in different designs and colors so that everyone can satisfy their preference.
Clear collective face masks in Sydney are stylish, fashionable, and comfortable. Our collection of reusable face masks can be worn with all types of clothing, whether casual, corporate, or street style.


Shipping Face Masks In Sydney

Our masks are designed and manufactured by our team in Sydney, Australia. Our warehouse is in Sydney and we offer same-day shipping on orders checked out on Monday-Friday.

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