Our Story


We started Clear Collective in 2019 because we needed pollution filtering masks that did the job but didn't look like a surgical mask.

We have had a family property in Bilpin, NSW near the Blue Mountains for over 50 years and have seen many bushfires come through over the years. Fluctuation of pollution levels daily is what inspired us to kick into gear and launch Clear Collective.

We noticed after months of bushfires that kids were no longer playing outside, hazardous pollution levels were reaching city homes & no one wanted to be outside. 

We have created Clear Collective to help everyone from young kids, teens and adults get a chance at filtered masks.

We don't believe anyone should be breathing in unhealthy air when the pollution levels are so high. We wake up each day checking air quality levels to see if we should be wearing our masks.

Our masks are great for pollution, cycling, running & other sports when looking to filter out pollutants in the air. Elderly people and people with allergies can benefit from our Clear Collective masks all year round.

We hope you love Clear Collective & it gives you a helping hand.  

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