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Why We Started Clear Collective

The pollution level was high in the areas of Australia that kids could no longer play outside and if anyone went outside, they would have to walk through hazardous pollution. It was then we realised how important masks are to the health and safety of everyone, from young kids to teens, and adults. Our face masks in Adelaide are a chance at filtered masks. No one deserves to breathe in unhealthy air when the pollution level around town is high.


The bushfire and poor air quality in Adelaide call for the need to protect the respiratory tract. People with underlying health conditions are especially at risk when exposed to smoke or poor air quality. Conditions like asthma, respiratory and heart conditions can put citizens at greater risks. Also, babies, pregnant women, and elders are prone to the dangers of poor air quality.


Citizens of Adelaide and other areas of Australia are encouraged to wear masks to avoid exposure to smoke. When particles from the bushfire or smoke get into the respiratory tract or cardiovascular system, it may cause difficulty in breathing for even people who have never had the symptoms.


South Australia is one of the areas with the highest prevalence of allergies, such as hay fever. Residents of South Australia need to have masks that can protect them from smoke and particles from the bushfires around. Clear Collective masks are designed with reinforced filters to prevent particles from getting into the respiratory tract.


Clear Collective’s Shipments To Adelaide

With a face mask service Adelaide locals can trust, Clear Collective supplies a huge variety of masks for adults & children, valve or no valve, ones for sport, and ones for work and commuting.

Standard shipping to Adelaide is free with the option to upgrade to express overnight or same day.


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