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History of Clear Collective

In 2019, we were fed up. We were fed up with the smoke, the soot, the pollen, the bushfire smell. We were fed up of being stuck inside. On our family land in Bilpin, NSW near the Blue Mountains, bushfires ravaged the grasses on an almost yearly basis through our property. It seemed like we would never be allowed outside again. Instead of lamenting the loss of the outside, we started Clear Collective. We wanted to make masks that could be part of a wardrobe instead of using ones that were supposed to be for doctors in the emergency rooms.


Northern Territories at Risk

The 2019 – 2020 bushfire season for NT and Darwin was catastrophically bad. The vast grasslands and constant dry weather combine to create a devastating scenario for everyone involved. This season had the highest bushfire risk recorded at around 167. The fires were difficult to control and hard to predict. It is the new normal that these lands will burn every year. That smoke and ash affects all of us. The Top End will continue to burn at a rate that allows over half of it to be burnt every year. This includes about half the land from East Arnhem Land to Darwin. That is a massive amount of land and a massive amount of smoke and ash to release into the air. As an individual living in Darwin you will be impacted on a daily basis during these times every year. Clear Collective masks can help protect you while you are outside.


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We ship our masks across Australia and New Zealand. Standard shipping to Darwin is free with the option to upgrade to express overnight or same day.


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