Reusable Face Masks

We have a wide range of reusable face masks for both children and adults. Our masks are available with up to 3 layers of protection and each of our reusable masks comes with 2 filters that we recommend replacing every 7 days.

The reusable face masks have become a vital accessory. All our masks are comfortable, environment friendly, and reusable. If you are needing to wear a face mask, it is only ideal that we keep them clean.

Clear Collective reusable face masks are washable and should be washed after 7 days of use or sooner. It is possible to wash the mask daily, and to a temperature of approximately 40 degrees centigrade to prevent colour fading or valve damage. However, a 3-5 days washing routine is good enough if you have only worn your mask indoors. Your mask filter is also reusable for 7 days and must be discarded after this time and replaced with a clean filter.

To wash your reusable face masks, hand wash your mask gently with hot soapy water taking care around any valves or trims. Allow to fully air dry prior to use.  Do not machine wash, tumble dry or use harsh soaps.

Handling your mask the right way after use is an important safety measure. You are expected to carefully take off your mask after hours or a long day meeting with people, place it separately, and wash. If you are not ready to wash immediately, keep it stored safely, and ensure that others do not come in to contact with it.

Everyone needs at least 2 reusable face masks. That way, you can have one to wear when the other is in wash. Also, ensure to get quality face masks that will not deteriorate after one or two washes. The best quality masks are Clear Collective Washable/Reusable Masks. They are comfortable, easy to wash, and in beautiful designs.

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