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Why We Started Clear Collective

In 2019 we started Clear Collective as an answer to the rising pollution problems that our families were facing across Australia. From face masks in Sidney, to face masks in Perth, we kept wearing them to fight against bushfire ash, city smog, and hay fever seasonal allergies. Instead of looking like a doctor all the time, we wanted to give people the option to look fashionable.


You shouldn’t feel embarrassed from wearing face masks in Perth. Rather, you should be proud of the protection you are offering yourself. That is how we felt and that is why we started Clear Collective. We want our kids to still be able to play outside. We want our parents to still enjoy an evening walk, and we want to still be able to exercise safely outside.


Perth Air Pollution

Everyone knows the White Cypress flower in Western Australia. Well, it blooms in July and August gets picked up by the dry coastal winds and carried straight to Perth. Western Australia and Perth have some of the highest hay fever rates in Australia and the world. It isn’t surprising when you’ve seen and felt the pollen in the air. Besides seasonal allergies, Perth is well known for some of the highest concentrations of photochemical smog, haze and other airborne chemicals that cause unhealthy city air. Instead of breathing all of this in, face masks in Perth support a safer outdoor experience.


Shipping Face Masks To Perth

Clear Collective ships across Australia and New Zealand, including Perth and supplies a huge variety of masks for adults & children, valve or no valve, ones for sport, and ones for work and commuting
Our mailing partners are AustraliaPost, CouriersPlease, Fastway, and TNT and everything ships as a tracked parcel.
Standard shipping to Perth is free with the option to upgrade to express overnight or same day.

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