8 Ways to Encourage Kids to Wear Masks

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It's our responsibility as parents to keep our families safe, especially now during these difficult times. One way to keep the family safe and protected from the virus is getting face masks perfect for the whole family, including children.

For adults, they know that wearing face masks in crowded areas means protecting themselves and everyone around them. However, children might not realise the purpose of why every adult they see outside wears a face mask. You can't blame them. It's a foreign concept, and it's our responsibility to teach them.

Each Child Reacts Differently To Face Masks

Some children may think it's a new trend, while others wear masks without knowing the reason behind it. Meanwhile, other kids are against it because they feel embarrassed, scared or cautious being seen wearing a mask.

Each child will react differently depending on their age. Teenagers or other kids may adjust quicker than others, but younger children may need more time to get used to wearing one.

Encourage Your Children to Wear Masks with These Tips

We should also teach our little ones why we wear masks every time and encourage them to do so.

Are you having problems with your children wearing masks all the time? Don't worry, here are eight ways to encourage them to wear face masks.

  1. Explain in Words They Understand - Kids won't understand what you're teaching them if you use language that is too technical or complex for their age. Use simple words that they will quickly understand as you explain the reasons why it's essential to wear a mask.
  2. Be Open and Honest - Children are curious beings; they tend to ask questions about things they don't understand. As a parent, it's best to answer their questions honestly. It's also advisable to ask them on how much they know about the current situation, why we need to wear masks, and how it affects everyone. Their answers will help you explain things better and in line with what they want to know and don't know.
  3. Be a Model -  Children imitate what they see, and that's why parents are advised to be role models at home. In this case, we should always wear masks so kids will slowly see it as something normal. You can also show them other people wearing masks outside and explain that they don't need to worry about what others will say.
  4. Let Children Practice Wearing Masks - Wearing a mask is a new concept to them; hence, it's normal if they don't get used to it right away. We should teach kids, but also give time to adjust and practice wearing and removing a mask until they're comfortable doing so.
  5. Teach Through Play - It's a known fact that children learn through play. They often become absorbed in what they're doing whenever at play and even learn new skills while at it. Whether the game is playing house or imagining what they want to be when they grow up, be creative in including a face mask in the scenario. This will help you have your little one's full attention make them understand the importance of wearing a mask.
  6. Provide Choices - Letting them choose what design on the face mask they're going to wear gives them a sense of control and ownership. This shows them that wearing face masks is something normal and can be a fun experience, too. Show them a catalogue of masks with fun, colourful prints so that they can choose one that fits their personality or what they want. Here's a fun suggestion: you can choose a matching pair with your child to make the experience less embarrassing or scary for them.
  7. Pay Attention to What They Say or Do When Wearing a Mask - Whenever your kids express reactions or have something to say about while wearing masks, pay attention to every little thing they say. This will help you get an idea of what they're thinking or if they're uncomfortable with the face mask they have on. It's like looking at their problems and helping them solve it one by one.
  8. Praise Kids for Wearing Masks - It's important to validate their feelings. Praise them and give small rewards every time your little one wears a mask. Make the experience exciting and rewarding to motivate them to practice.

Choose the Right Mask for Them

Aside from protection, it's also important to prioritise in giving them a comfortable and fun experience when wearing face masks. Choose fashionable masks that provide a snug fit for children while giving them maximum breathability and comfort. Suppose they find it uncomfortable to wear masks with filters. In that case, you can get one without a valve but made with materials that prioritise breathability.

Clear Collective masks come in sizes fit for adults and kids. Our face masks for kids come in cute designs and bright colours — some come in pink, blue, and yellow colours — that they will surely enjoy wearing one all day long. You can also choose a face mask with the same design as theirs to have a matching pair.

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