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Light Grey Womens Reusable Gloves with Touch Point (In Stock)

Our classic Light Grey Glove is perfect for everyday wear. 

Shop our range of breathable gloves perfect for a trip to the shops, using a shopping trolley, cafe, travelling, filling up the car at the service station & out walking the dog.

Each glove features the touch point finger so you can easily use your mobile phone, supermarket self serve checkout machines & any other touch screen devices. You won't need to take your gloves off when at the supermarket to use devices. 

Breathable stretchy fabric meaning no sticky or sweaty hands.

Agreat alternative to disposable gloves. Say goodbye to rubber looking & uncomfortable latex gloves.

Skin-friendly, delicate on the skin & feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

The gloves are One Size and designed for women's hands. They will stretch with you & be your next accessory to wear with your mask. 

Hand wash only.

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